API security

Detect and mitigate Layer 7 attacks to protect your applications and business functions they support.
API protection you can rely on
The rapid evolution of mobile internet and the growing number of smartphones influenced many businesses to develop and support mobile applications to let their users access services from anywhere.
Most mobile applications use a client-server architecture where the application is installed on the user's device, and the service content is delivered via a centralized API. Unfortunately vulnerable APIs attract bad hackers and other cyber criminals.
With Variti, you can protect your APIs by preventing all automated cyber threats.
Keep it good
More than 80% of organisations experience cyber attacks against their APIs. Protect your APIs without disturbing the business by filtering and blocking the bad bots only.
Have the incidents filtered automatically and thus free up your time, reduce costs and increase the overall quality of your security.
Have data clarity
See exactly where the traffic is coming from and what it consists of. Make smart business decisions based on real, clean metrics.
Sounds interesting? There's more...
On top of delivering clear benefits to your business and its security, we ensure you can hit the ground running quickly and easily, without making changes to your existing infrastructure or policies.

We also don't block IPs or require CAPTCHA to ensure that all genuine traffic gets through to your site and have a smooth user journey.
Quick and easy setup
No fine-tuning or maintenance needed
Fully flexible integration
No IP blocking or CAPTCHA

170 K

Websites Protected

10 ms

Maximum Protection Time

99.99 %

Protection Success Rate

717 M

Malicious Attempts Blocked Daily

"According to our estimates, more than 60% of attacks are targeted at business operations such as transactions, logistics, and general business processes."
How does it work?
At Variti, we use our Active Bot Protection technology to protect API endpoints. Active Bot Protection filters and stops all API requests made by malicious bots without compromising genuine users.
— Head of Technology, Variti
Active Bot Protection technology leverages a set of highly optimised algorithms for every single request to identify bot or emulator signatures and classify all the online enquiries across the entire customer journey. The method includes statistics, tech data and behaviour analysis to accurately distinguish bots from humans.

Some of the ways our existing customers use

Active Bot Protection

Web scraping prevention
Account Takeover (ATO) protection
Sneaker / ticketing bot protection
All other cyber fraud prevention
Web scraping, also known as screen scraping, web data extraction and web harvesting, is a technique employed to extract large amounts of data from websites. This can lead to theft of intellectual property or unfair competitive edge - both can cause a business to suffer severe financial losses.

We have seen examples where businesses notice a huge influx in website traffic just to realise that up to 40% (in some cases as high as 93%) of this traffic consists of content or price scraping bots.

With Variti, you can ensure that all unauthorised activity on your website is blocked, therefore keeping information such as product descriptions, betting odds, news content and prices safe.
Account takeover / account compromise is when access to a genuine customer’s account is granted to an unauthorised party. Any online account can be taken over by fraudsters: e-commerce accounts, user profiles, subscriptions, bank accounts, emails and so on.

This sort of fraud is very serious and can have a detrimental effect on the business as data privacy laws get broken and the brand gets a bad reputation.

At Variti, we are experienced in working with various types of organisations and keeping their business and customer data safe, including ecommerce stores and banks where data privacy and security has to be extremely high.
Sneaker and ticketing bots are used to buy items and autocomplete the check out process on e-commerce websites.

This can particularly become an issue for limited stock items, luxury goods and special offers.

For example, we see up to 75% of limited stock purchases from luxury fashion brands being made by bots, leaving genuine users unable to get their hands on the desired items. This creates unrest and dissatisfaction amongst potential customers which has long term implications on the business overall.

At Variti, we block sneaker and ticketing bots, allowing only human interaction within your online shops. This not only improves your e-commerce website and customer satisfaction but also raises the brand's credibility and trust.
Whilst we have given a few specific examples, there are many more types of cyber fraud that we protect against, including OWASP’s automated threats.

Some of the additional cyber attack types we protect businesses from are:
  • marketing fraud, ad fraud and click fraud
  • brute force attacks
  • credential stuffing and cleansing
  • API abuse
  • spam
  • fake account creation
  • DDoS
If you have any other specific fraud types or issues in mind but don't see them listed, drop us a line and we will help where we can.

Not convinced you need API protection?

Get a free trial for visibility of your traffic.

We also provide customised cyber risk assessments - from simple checks to in-depth simulations and audits - to provide you with all the necessary information. The final threat report will help you to make the best decisions for the future of your business.

Start blocking bad bots today
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You reach out, we chat and decide to trial Variti on your single or multiple websites and/or APIs. Easy and quick, done on the same day.
You test our technology for a week and love the benefits: no more cyber attacks, increased speed, better user experience and more.
You decide to keep using Variti's protection and voilà - nothing more needs to be done, your protection is live and bad bots can't get through!
Unique bot and DDoS mitigation solutions for your websites and APIs - so you can forget about bots, have a clear picture of your traffic as well as gain new customers, and ensure the existing ones are happy.
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