DDoS attack prevention

Protect your websites, applications and networks from DDoS attacks without compromising genuine traffic and your business.

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DDoS protection service you can trust
DDoS is one of the most frequent and fastest-growing categories of cyber crime. It’s the leading threat for businesses alongside ransomware and can lead to a significant loss of revenue and trust in your brand. At Variti, we check all of your incoming traffic to ensure that only genuine requests get through.

DDoS attacks can take down your websites within seconds and without warning. Valuable sales can be lost before the issue is even noticed. With Variti, avoid the possibility of DDoS attacks all together and never loose real traffic again.
DDoS attacks are growing in frequency against API endpoints. Detect and mitigate Layer 7 attacks to protect your applications and business functions they support.
Do you need to protect your applications on a single host? Don't have access to entire network? With Variti, you can protect all your websites and services that are hosted on individual IPs.

170 K

Websites Protected

10 ms

Maximum Protection Time

99.99 %

Protection Success Rate

717 M

Malicious Attempts Blocked Daily

Sounds interesting? There's more...

On top of delivering clear benefits to your business and its security, we ensure you can hit the ground running quickly and easily, without making changes to your existing infrastructure or policies.

We also don't block IPs or require CAPTCHA to ensure that all genuine traffic gets through to your site and has a smooth user journey.
Quick and easy setup
No fine-tuning or maintenance needed
Fully flexible integration
No IP blocking or CAPTCHA
"According to our estimates, more than 60% of attacks are targeted at business operations such as transactions, logistics, and general business processes."
How does it work?
At Variti, we use our Active Bot Protection technology which combines real-time intelligence and deep analytics to check for automated cyber threats.
— Head of Technology, Variti
This is how we detect malicious activity and instantly prevent all DDoS attacks. Plus our solution works from the first request and filters traffic on all layers, including Layer 7, mobile and IoT apps, and API transactions.

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We also provide customised cyber risk assessments - from simple checks to in-depth simulations and audits - to provide you with all the necessary information. The final threat report will help you to make the best decisions for the future of your business.

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You test our technology for a week and love the benefits: no more cyber attacks, increased speed, better user experience and more.
You decide to keep using Variti's protection and voilà - nothing more needs to be done, your protection is live and bad bots can't get through!
Unique bot and DDoS mitigation solutions for your websites and APIs - so you can forget about bots, have a clear picture of your traffic as well as gain new customers, and ensure the existing ones are happy.
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